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* How do I spend my "Pandemic Vacation" you ask?  Honing my self-taping skills with the help of the inimitable Caryn West.  She is an astoundingly talented actress/teacher.


*Just took an on-camera class with the wonderful Ted Brunetti!

*Another bucket-list role checked off!  Polly in OTHER DESERT CITIES.  Such a joy!  And a great director - Michelle P. Orosz.

* I'm in print!  Photos of me as Liubov from our production of The Cherry Orchard are featured in Robin Beth Levenson's new book ACTING CHEKHOV IN TRANSLATION. (Pgs 232, 238 & 239)

* A bucket-list role - Liubov Ranyevskaya - is now mine!  Both exploring and performing Chekhov's THE CHERRY ORCHARD is exhilarating and joyous with brilliant MFA directing candidate at Columbia, Mark Barford.

* 2 nurses who work the graveyard shift (and now I own scrubs!) - unfold their lives daily at 7:00 am in the parking lot of St. Beatrice's Hospital of Good Care.  Written by the talented writer/actress, Jacqueline Lynch, for the Tarte 1-act Festival at the West End Theatre.

* Having the time of my life in rehearsals for STEEL MAGNOLIAS!  I think Harling wrote M'Lynn just for me!  This ol' chestnut still works its magic with lines like, "That sanctuary looks like it's been hosed down with Pepto-Bismol."


* A grieving Irish mother, based on a true story about  Mairead Corrigan, 1976 Nobel Peace Prize Winner, called "The Heart that Ireland Broke."  A joy to do.  And good to brush up my Irish accent!


* A Serbian Chalk Artist?  Yes, that's what I played in performances with the talented Amios Shotz people :)


* What fun:  a  24-hr new play festival - 7 writers, 7 directors, and 21 actors met at 8pm on Friday night, and at 8pm Saturday the curtain went up on 7 delicious new 10-minute plays.  Exhilarating!  I love, love, love the stage.


* I'm on a roll with indy films - just shot a beautiful scene in award-winning filmmaker Lance Marshall's new short, MICKEY, THE LEAF.


* Just shot a lovely role in DT Sheridan's new indy film, RESISTANCE.


* Did a developmental reading at ESPA of Emily Comisar's new play MOONLIGHTING.  I SO love working with talented new playwrights and equally talented actors!


* We did our second staged reading of Nancy Parker's play STINKER at the wonderful Abingdon Theatre.  Love this play - love my role!


* Did a staged reading of THE THREE OF US by Tamara Rose at Manhattan Theatre Club.


* Recorded a voiceover for Alex Gibney - yes, THAT Alex Gibney, Oscar winner for TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE.  I signed an NDA so I can't tell you what it's about.  Shhhhh.  But I can tell you it's gonna be an exciting film.


* A director found my photo on the internet as Constance in KING JOHN (the wonders of technology!) and was so impressed that he invited me to audition for Queen Eleanor in his upcoming production - yes, I've grown into the mother-in-law role!


* Played First Lady Abbey Bartlet in a scene from The West Wing for a director in wonderful Jodie Markell's Columbia MFA class.  Such talented filmmakers and faculty in that Columbia University program!


* Shot the female lead - a self-centered, upscale mother :) - in AFTER SCHOOL, a short written & directed by Sam Greisman.


* Had my first Skype audition - and booked it!  Gotta love technology.


*  I've begun studying at The Barrow Group.  Seth Barrish=genius!  My first scene up was playing Mrs. Robinson, followed by Tennessee Williams' Amanda.  Whew!  I'm lovin' it.


*  Read the female lead in a new play at The Abingdon Theatre  -  Nancy Parker's newest play, STINKER.  What happens when an only daughter chooses to take a road trip with her 89-yr-old father instead of a romantic trip to Bermuda with her fiance? The audience loved it, and we actors had a hellofa good time!​


* How cool to celebrate the Actors Equity Association 100th birthday (!) at the black-tie gala at the Hilton.  I am soooooooo proud to be an actor!


*  HOORAY -  Launch of the New & Improved Katherine Alt Keener website!

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